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Our mission is to create theatre that builds social change, specifically by engaging artists and patrons to challenge their own preconceptions and biases.

In addition to supporting the 35 / 50 Initiative, we endeavour to create opportunities to widen participation to all people in our diverse community.

By showing compassion, creating connections, and building resilience we enable participants to use their imagination and create new possibilities. 

Welcome : About Us


We tell stories where the Elbow River Meets the Bow River. Sundog Storytellers is a collective of individuals that reside in the Mohkinstsis / Calgary region.

Our artists…
Deserve to have a platform from which they can share their creative and innovative works.

Our audiences…
Can look forward to immersive and emotional experiences they won’t forget.

Our community…

Benefits from the value of our art as well as our endeavours toward social change.

Welcome : About Us
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